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DC12V power port protection

With the rapid development of security surveillance industry, the application of video monitor become prevailing. You could see it installed on private reserved position before, and nowadays in the real estate community, corridor and even inside living house. As a result, power supply mode becomes versatile ranging from AC 220V to DC power & PoE power supply. Today, customers prefer to the ideal solution with lower total cost, high degree of integration and compact-sized design. Adhering to the idea “catering to customer demand, independent development and innovation”, Bencent has moved forward towards this direction and launched multiple series components featured with miniaturization and high performance than average level.

For the solution prepared for power port of IP camera, Bencent has always been ahead of the trend. Now we are the first one to launch SMB-T package, to make TVS in SMB be equivalent to that of SMC 1500W. Though its appearance looks like a dynatron, it can be used in the same way as diode.

The following is solution of DC12V power port:

This solution can pass the test conditioned at 1.2/50μs-8/20μs @2KV-1KA(differential mode) where simulates physical application environment such as indoor usage and outdoor usuage(passageway). As per this condition, TVS with 1500W is supposed to be the ideal component to pass test. Conventionally, only SMC package can allow to produce such high power type TVS.  However, thanks to ingenuity, Bencent can develop TVS in SMB package but equivalent to 1500W in SMC. By effectively utilizing colloid interior space, this product‘s  solder pad is fully compatible with SMB.

Below picture describes the residual waveform of component  when simulated surge waveform passed away.

Judged from waveform, residual voltage turns out to be 27V (blue) @1KA(yellow). This performance can be readily competent for DC-DC module protection among the market. In other words, BV-SMCT 20CA is a good fit for DC12V power port, it can meet test condition of 1.2/50-8/20μs@2KV-1KA.

For example, in the reality application, engineers in charge of installing equipment would lift up output value of DC 12V power supply in order to keep operating capacity of equipment in distance at certain value. In this way, they can make sure electrical wire would satisfy equipment power appetite. However, adopting TVS either with Vc=15V or18V at input end would bury the seed of risks that keeping TVS breakdown a while or get short may bring the whole power electrical wire on fire. To prevent such undesirable damages,  TVS with Vc=20V is recommended for application. Whatever you setup the power supply, TVS will not breakdown under the normal working condition.

All in all, BV-SMBT-20CA is a good fit for protective solution of DC12V power port of IP camera. It provide many benefits to surge protection design not only the small compact size(SMB) but also equivalent performance to TVS 1500W in SMC package.