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Bencent Electronics| Success of Electronica China 2017

Time:2017-04-14 11:01:59 Source: Nums:2874

Electronica China 2017 ended successfully and the good news of the booth of Bencent Electronics spread rapidly. This time Bencent Electronics showed the innovative products and protecting solution of GDT, TSS, TVS, ESD and compound component included DC-48V port of none-follow current GDT, Coaxial port of low capacitance GDT, AC220V port of Fail-safe GDT, Battery port of low clamping voltage TVS, RS485 port high surge absorption TSS, xDSL port of Fail-safe GDT, DC12V port of high integration compound component and POE port of Three-in-one TVS.

The combination of innovative product and protecting solution presented the feature of Bencent Electronics perfectly and won the affirmation and pursuit of new and old customers. Bencent Electronics expressed the protecting vision with the special booth style of The Great Wall beacon. It was original and spectacular and attracted visitors to take photos.

                                           The booth style of The Great Wall beacon caught the eyes of everyone.

The innovative product of Bencent Electronics attracted many foreign friends.

The booth of Bencent Electronics was packed with numerous people.

Technical marketing manager was introducing the innovative product to customers.

Technical marketing manager was introducing the application guide to customers.

Technical marketing manager was discussing with clients

Senior manager of Bencent Electronics was interviewed.