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Bencent Electronics|Chief Expert appointment ceremony

Time:2021-01-05 11:12:53 Source: Nums:763

 Since Bencent\'s foundation

we have been keeping rapid and smooth development

from parallel competition then leading the market

Bencent Electronics kept curious spirit to explore the future

from hard working until build our brand

Bencent Electronics fulfill customers by technology innovation

Till today
Bencent Electronics has already become a leading role in the market

and all these

are related to the hardworkings and continous innovative spirit by Bencent\'s R&D and protection experts

They are only Bencent\'s technical key roles

but also hard core in the whole industry

On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new year

Bencent Electronics hold this grand ceremony

The appointment ceremony of Chief component expert and chief protection expert

to express Bencent group\'s encouragement and affirmation to the experts

Group President\'s Speech

Group General Manager\'s Speech

Group President presents the appointment letter to chief component expert

Chief component expert, Fu Meng\'s speech

Group President presents the appointment letter to chief protection expert

Chief protection expert, Shen Nengwen\'s speech