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Bencent electronics laboratory was found in June, 2004, with fixed asset priced CNY 15,000,000, including test equipment more or less 30 sets. Even compared to international level, these could be considered as start-of-the-art.The lab was certified by UL in 2015 with qualification certificate of witness laboratory. This lab equips many high quality professional talents with rich experience in place. Observed by the scientific test method, rigorous and efficient working attitude, this lab can provide reliable and effective test result to both company and customer. It serves to shorten product R&D period by verifying protection solution from concept to physical PCB, and also meet test requirement for research on product performance, development and characteristics. This lab is 100% free to Bencent existed customer, but is charge to non-existed customer.
※ EMC laboratory daily test items: lightning surge test, ESD, EFT, ring wave.
※ Material analysis laboratory daily test items: appearance, energy spectrum, metallographic phase, structural analysis.
※ Reliability laboratory test items: temperature rapid change, constant temperature and huity, HAST, steam aging,
Salt-fog, dropping, vibration.